Business with
entrepreneurial instinct

We invest in exciting businesses with high growth potential, and the ability to disrupt new and difficult markets

We focus on businesses led by individuals with an entrepreneurial instinct, and an ambition to build businesses that make impact and drive change. Investmon also invests in family businesses to build a long term and sustainable future; we believe that people are the key to success.

Our portfolio of investments covers a range of sectors, with long term investments in global security and bank note printing inks, and more recent investments in digital payment acceptance and point of sales technology. We also have real estate, hospitality, retail and lifestyle investments in Europe and Asia.

Digital and technology

Our investment strategy is driven by a passion for businesses that are powered by innovation and an ambition to disrupt established markets. We have investments in free calls and messaging applications for mobile phones, and a platform enabling digital publishers to sell their products.

Real estate

Our interest in real estate includes investment in property in Europe and Asia, and through real estate funds investing in residential and retail developments in Malaysia. We co-founded and invested in Oclamon Fund, a unique real-estate investment opportunity at the gateway of Medini’s Business District, strategically located in the heart of Iskandar, Malaysia.

Hospitality and lifestyle

We have interests in luxury consumables, hotels, food and tourism. At present, our focus is on businesses in Switzerland and Southeast Asia.


We also have investments in fashion retailing in Italy, with a focus on fashion sportswear.