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We have a strong track record for harnessing innovation to build world class companies.

Maurice A. Amon’s grandfather and father built their family business reputation from humble origins in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 1927, the grandfather, Maurice Amon (1880-1959), invented a special grease used in the milking of cows. The “Société Industrielle et Commerciale de Produits Alimentaires”, or SICPA, was born to create a bridge between the local agricultural producers and growing international demand for the quality of Swiss milk and cream.

A passion for technology, a grasp of modern chemistry and an instinct for enterprise later led his son, Albert Amon (1916-2010), to set up a small ink printing inks company in Lausanne at the outbreak of World War Two.  Despite the horrors of the war and the threats to his business, Albert Amon prospered.  He applied new technology to a printing business that had, in many ways, been unchanged for hundreds of years. Building key alliances with close friends in Italy and Germany in the aftermath of the War, Albert Amon set in place the foundations of SICPA’s global future as the leading supplier of security inks to the world’s Central Banks.

Maurice A. Amon led the expansion of the business in China, Australia and Southeast Asia. He also led the move into higher grade security protections for banknotes, as printing technology evolved.

Today, these inks and security features protect most of the world’s currencies – making national economies more efficient and more secure. SICPA has played a critical role in the birth of new nations – enabling freshly minted states to print their own money, the ultimate expression of independence. Maurice A. Amon has worked at the heart of developing nations as they have grown. He retains a significant shareholding and remains on the board of SICPA Holding SA.


Now, through Investmon, Maurice A. Amon’s passion for developing markets, and for new opportunities is taking his interests in new directions. We are building on our deep understanding of how new economies work and what it takes to succeed in them – channeling experience in finance and technology. We draw on this experience and our vast business network to help new transformative and disruptive businesses to prosper.