From small ventures
to global companies

The world of business is being remade – new technologies are challenging established business models, creating space for new ideas, and compelling executives to make decisions and commit resources faster than ever before.

Our focus is on dynamic, disruptive businesses

We founded Investmon to embrace this opportunity by bringing our expertise and investment to exciting businesses with high growth potential and the ability to disrupt new and difficult markets.
We are a family-owned investment company with a strong entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for businesses powered by innovation, opportunism and an appetite for risk.

Strong track record turning small ventures into world class companies

We have a strong track record for harnessing innovation to build world class companies. It’s in our genes. It’s part of Maurice A. Amon’s heritage – beginning in the 1920s in Switzerland. Combining scientific knowledge with an instinct for enterprise, Maurice A. Amon’s grandfather and father went on to set up a small business, SICPA, which is now the world’s leading provider of high-performance security inks for banknotes and security documents that protect most of the world’s currencies today.

Deep expertise in emerging economies

We know what it takes to succeed in dynamic emerging markets. Our history has placed us at the heart of nations as they’ve developed, giving us deep understanding of how their new economies work.

Speed and agility as a family owned business

We’re now utilising this experience, and the vast global business network we’ve built, to help new ventures to prosper. As a family-owned business, we are personally invested. That means we have total dedication to building ideas we believe in and the agility to make decisions with pace in fast-moving markets.

Playing our part in future growth and prosperity

We believe the best businesses in the future will match social value with financial success. That’s why our mission is to grow businesses that better serve local needs. And through that, drive real economic and social change. Globally.

Maurice A. Amon

Chairman and CEO of Investmon

Maurice A. Amon is an entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience leading, investing in and advising businesses. He is chairman and CEO of Investmon, an investment company founded in 2011 with a portfolio of interests covering a range of sectors – united by the opportunity of value creation in emerging markets.

Until 2011, Maurice A. Amon was Co-CEO of SICPA, the world’s leading provider of security inks for currency, identification and tracking systems. He has held a number of senior executive positions at SICPA, Europe and Asia. Today he remains a board member of the Holding Company.

Maurice A. Amon is a Member of the World Economic Forum and he is also part of La Maison Executive Board, a French private equity company created in 2014, which has just formed a joint management entity “UBS La Maison de Gestion”. His philanthropic commitment led him to establish the Maurice Amon Foundation, to accompany those who are involved – often without any borders – in Contemporary Art and artistic projects. The Maurice Amon Foundation contributes to the development and promotion of international contemporary art.

A committed supporter of the arts, Maurice A. Amon supports Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo and Le Musée Océanographique de Monaco. As a founding member of the project “Elevation 1049/ Avalanche”, Maurice A. Amon brings his regular support to exhibitions that take place, every two years, during the winter, in the nature, in Gstaad (Switzerland). This event, organised by the LUMA Foundation, supports independent artists and institutions in the field of visual arts.

Albert M. Amon

Executive Director of Investmon

Albert M. Amon was educated in Switzerland and USA, he has lived in Hong Kong, Singapore and Monaco. Albert M. Amon is an executive director of Investmon.