Family businesses
in developing world

Family-owned businesses play a critical role in the economy – accounting for two thirds of all businesses around the world.

It is in the developing world that the impact of these businesses is felt most. They are the primary sources of prosperity and stability. They create jobs, invest in communities, strengthen societies, and generate long-term growth.

We established the Maurice Amon Foundation in response to the special importance of family-owned businesses in these countries. Our project is to accompany those who are involved – often without any borders – in Contemporary Art or artistic projects. This Foundation aims to strengthen the ties for instance, in giving access to education to less privileged people, especially the young ones. Being committed also means for us to be art-oriented: showcase, question, help confirmed or novice artists to meet their audience. In short, move forward with them, be in motion and bear in mind the celebration of a creative spirit. As a family owned business, we also lead by example by supporting educational programmes that enable young people to contribute positively to their domestic economy. Our partnership with academic institutes and our support for the Digital Maker Lab is an example of this – and puts cutting edge technology and design at the heart of the development of innovative products.

We focus on three areas:

  1. Funding research to deepen public understanding of family owned businesses in developing economies
  2. Partnering with leading business schools and universities to build leadership capacity among family owned businesses with high growth potential
  3. Promoting education

As an international business family, we feel immensely passionate about this agenda, and hope to harness our own experience, resources and networks to make a positive contribution.